Welcome, Dads of Arkansas!

Each of us has our own “birth story” about the moment our child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Some of us learned through pre-natal testing, others learned at the moment of birth.

We also share a common bond.

We realize that the path we were now walking does not have to be a lonely one.

In fact, it can be quite fun.

The primary purpose of DADS is to build friendships and provide social opportunities for those who are a Dad, serve in the role of a Dad, or as a role model to a child, adult, family member, or friend diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Together, we work to get our fellow DADS out of the house and having fun. Sometimes we go to ball games, bowl, or watch sporting events. Other times we grab pizza or a beer just to unwind and catch up.

If you are a Dad, serving in the role of a Dad, or a role model to a child or adult diagnosed with Down Syndrome, we want to meet you.

The “Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome” Arkansas Chapter was established in 2016. DADS is part of the Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition of Arkansas (DSAC) which is a federally registered Section 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Each year, DADS host local events for our children and adult family members and friends with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We host “DADS with Santa,” and “DADS for Easter,” which are opportunities to meet Santa and the Easter Bunny in a low-sensory environment.

Since 2017, our keystone event is the annual “Divots for Down Syndrome” golf tournament.

Please follow us on Facebook and reach out to us for more information.